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Welcome at Graz - Conference City

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Graz-see and do        

Graz is Austria’s 2nd largest city. Visitors are highly enthusiastic about the beautiful Old Town, the attractive cultural programme, the quality and diversity of the restaurants and the excellent infrastructure of the conference venues.

Cultural Capital
Since the Middle Ages, a town has been growing around the Schlossberg hill of which its inhabitants can be proud. In fact, it was the unique ensemble of architectural styles spanning from Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau to modernity that made UNESCO add Graz to its World Cultural Heritage list. Graz is also full of contrasts. This is particularly true of its cultural life. Contemporary art and architecture enrich the cultural scene as much as the classical culture: opera, theatre and festival of classical music. In 2003, Graz was an acclaimed Cultural Capital of Europe. The striking art centre “friendly alien” and the Island in the Mur were only two of the many great achievements of this year of celebration.

City of Culinary Delights
It is now official knowledge, what Graz people have known forever – Graz is a capital of culinary pleasures! The Styrian products and the region’s specialities, particularly the outstanding wines and the dark pumpkin seed oil, are the main carriers of this culinary identity. The Mediterranean ambience is all over: in picturesque beer gardens, on rustic farmers’ markets, in narrow alleys, on lively squares and in dreamy courtyards.

City of Knowledge
Graz has been a university town since 1585! Four universities with more than 16 faculties have grounded the high international repute of Graz as a research and science location. Private high-tech businesses and research institutions – mainly in the aerospace and automotive technology, but also in biotechnology and plant design – export know-how from Graz all over the world.

Conference Venue Graz
For over 25 years now, Graz has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a venue for scientific congresses. Every year, approx. 40 000 participants of more than 100 international congresses visit Austria’s second largest city. Historic and modern congress centres, easy accessibility via air, train and car, fine hotels and restaurants, interesting supporting programmes and day excursions as well as excellent services are the best guarantee for success. Congress participants appreciate the sympathetic size of the Styrian capital and the walking distance between the congress centres and the hotels. The abundant offer of sights, high class cultural events together with the Styrian regional culinary delicacies are other decisive factors for choosing Graz.

10th International Congress in "Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine"
15-17 April 2019, Graz/Austria
>>> www.bionanomed.at

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