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EUROSENSORS 2018 - Best Poster Awards

Poster Session Chair: Michele Penza, ENEA, Italy

1st Prize for the Best Poster is granted by

Micromachines — Open Access Journal of Micro/Nano Sciences, Devices and Applications

2nd and 3rd Prizes are granted by

Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH - Materials for Microelectronics

1st Prize

UV-Assisted Gate Bias Cycling in Gas-Sensitive Field-Effect Transistors

Manuel Bastuck{2}, Donatella Puglisi{1}, Anita Lloyd Spetz{1}, Andreas Schütze{2}, Tilman Sauerwald{2}, Mike Andersson{1}
{1}Linköping University, Sweden; {2}Saarland University, Germany 



2nd Prize

Cu2+ Sensing Realized with Gold-Coated Silicon Nanowire Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor Based Biosensor

Olena Synhaivska{1}, Masoud Baghernejad{1}, Yves Mermoud{1}, Agnes Gubicza{1}, Sahana Sarkar{1}, Israel Alshanski{2}, Shlomo Yitzchaik{2}, Mathias Wipf{1}, Michel Calame{1}
1}Empa – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland; {2}The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 



3 rd Prize

Normally-Off Magneto-Mechanical microvalve for Active Flow Control

Cécile Ghouila-Houri{2}, Romain Viard{3}, Abdelkrim Talbi{1}, Philippe Pernod{1}
{1}IEMN, France; {2}IEMN & ONERA Lille, France; {3}Thurmelec, France

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15-17 April 2019, Graz/Austria
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